Welcome, and thanks for checking out A5YLUM. My name is Rachael, and I am the Creator, Producer, and Host of A5YLUM. This podcast will dive into the truly unknown sides of mental illness, discussing diagnosis, symptoms, and treatments, while also addressing some of the myths, stigmas, and stereotypes surrounding these illnesses and those who suffer with them daily. Some background about me, I got my Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology with a focus in Crisis Intervention and my Master’s in Applied Psychology with a focus in Human Development and Research. I am in no way a certified or licensed psychologist, but that’s just the point, mental illness doesn’t just attack the knowledgeable, or the prepared. It can affect anyone, anywhere, at anytime, and the better educated we are, the better we can handle it if and when the time comes.

The biggest gripe I have always had with psychological research is that when read, it makes no sense to anyone who is not already immersed in the field. There is so much technical jargon that it can overwhelm the everyday, average reader. My hope is to take the knowledge I have, combined with my passion for the topic and my skill for teaching, and translate complicated information about mental illnesses and disorders as a way to educate and bring awareness for all those who are impacted daily by these disorders. I also hope to bring guests onto the show regularly that can share their personal experiences in living with mental illness.

I chose to name the show A5YLUM in order to get back to what the original definition and purpose for asylum was; to provide a safe haven for those suffering mental illness to get the care and treatment they need. The 5 represents the 1 in 5 people who will experience mental illness first hand during their lifetime. That number continues to grow. Thanks for taking the time to visit my page, and read about what I hope to achieve with A5YLUM. If you would like to support this podcast, please be sure to spread the word about the grand opening and look for our introduction episode coming shortly. We hope to be posted with Apple Podcasts shortly. Thanks again and we look forward to meeting you every week.